We moved to Willow Brook to be closer to family. We like the people. Soon after we arrived we found out that everyone makes you feel welcome. We like not having yard work, no snow shoveling and especially not having to worry about our home when we go away for the summer.
Terry & Jan

As we met members here, we heard two comments often: 'Best decision we have ever made' and 'Everything is so clean and orderly. Every room looks so well taken care of.'
Karl & Caryl

My husband couldn't wait to park our car in the underground parking!

We enjoy living on the third floor at Willow Brook. The vaulted ceilings make our home bright welcoming and spacious. Our floor plan has a bedroom and bath on each side of our great room that provides extra privacy for our guests. Our home is also conveniently close to both the elevator and the refuse room. We enjoy watching the seasons change from the deck and have an excellent view of both ponds and the flower gardens. There are deer living around the far pond and geese stop here during their seasonal migration.
Bernie & Mariella

We moved to Willow Brook because here we have no snow shoveling or lawn mowing. It is done for us. Life is easier because we moved to Willow Brook. We especially like the heated garage with its car wash bay. We really like having our own washer and dryer in our home and enjoy using the exercise room. We never expected to make so many new friend s here. We were both surprised by how helpful the people are here and how concerned people are for each other.
Don & Esther

I have made many friends at Willow Brook. Here, one of the things I like best is the heated garage and car wash. I like to spend time on my glider on my front porch and watch everyone go by. My view is of great pleasure.
Milo (Mike)

We moved in from Lake Washington. This is, by far, the best place we could find to suit our needs. We have no physical responsibility.
Jim & Bea

There are so many amenities at Willow Brook – the underground garage with year around comfortable temperatures, no maintenance responsibilities, a variety of social activities, but for me the greatest is the tranquility I find from the natural beauty that lies at the back of our "home."

There are so many reasons I love living at Willow Brook: having my own garden to putter around in, everyone is so friendly, meeting my neighbors in the Great Room for a game of cards or just for coffee and conversation. It's the perfect place for our community pot luck dinners and occasional catered dinners. I can be as social as I want or enjoy the solitude in my beautiful Willow Brook apartment. Love my kitchen!

We were living in another complex when we drove by Willow Brook and were impressed by how it looked. We stopped to visit with the manager. We couldn't wait to move in. A big plus for Donna is our beautiful warm garage - a BIG plus.
Jerry & Donna

After retiring, we were looking for a change in lifestyle. The coop structure provides us ownership, no maintenance, social involvement, and new friends. Moving here has allowed us to be active in the Willow Brook community and the location allows us to stay involved with old friends, our church, and the Mankato community.
Paul & Donna

My apartment is the best place for displaying my owl collection. I love the beauty and security of Willow Brook. Living here allows me to have a very active life - seems like I'm gone every day.

Coming to Willow Brook was the best thing I've ever done in my life. When I came here, I made all new friends and I enjoyed doing it.