Advantages of Cooperative Living


Members, through their share, own the not-for-profit cooperative. Residents govern the cooperative via a member-elected board of directors comprised of members. There is no equity investor or landlord. The cooperative hires a management company to advise the board of directors.


Cooperative operation and maintenance expenses are spread across the entire membership proportionately so the cost of living is generally lower than in a comparable single family home. Monthly charges equal the actual cost of owning and operating the property. The purpose of the ownership is not for profit.

Tax Advantages

The portion of the monthly charge that is devoted to paying the cooperative's mortgage interest and real estate taxes is tax deductible.


The very nature of cooperative living provides opportunities to make new friends. There is always something to do, if you choose. Neighbors are there when you need support.

Click on the Senior Cooperative Foundation link to see a video about senior cooperative living.

Plan Description Approximate Square Footage Number of Units
A 1 Bdrm, 1Bath 825 Three
B 2 Bdrm, 1 Bath 1,057 Three
C 2 Bdrm, 2 Bath 1,289 Twelve
D 2 Bdrm, 2 Bath 1,245 Twelve
E 2 Bdrm, 2 Bath, Den 1,425 Two
F 2 Bdrm, 2 Bath, Den 1,405 Six
G 2 Bdrm, 2 Bath 1,173 Twelve
H 1 Bdrm, 2 Bath 1,106 Two