Share price

Purchase of a cooperative share is a one-time cost. Unit size is a factor in determining share price.

Tax advantages

Cooperative members receive the same tax benefits as homeowners. Members can deduct their unit's property taxes and the proportionate share of interest they pay on the cooperative's mortgage from their income taxes

Living costs/Monthly charge

Living costs include the monthly charge and personal expenses. The monthly charge includes each unit’s proportionate share of the operating costs for the entire cooperative including: mortgage principal and interest, the mortgage insurance premium, real estate taxes, required reserves (for long-term repairs and replacements), an underground parking space, gas heat, sewer, water, trash and recyclables removal, digital cable TV, Wi Fi, professional property management and onsite staff.

Members are personally responsible for their electricity, telephone and the home owner’s insurance premium to protect their personal property. It is strongly recommended that members purchase insurance specifically written to cover their personal property in their unit.

Go to the Cost/Lifestyle Comparison Worksheet link to help you compare your current living costs to the cost of living at Willow Brook Cooperative.